Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recipes for All Natural Homemade Dog Shampoo

homemade dog shampoo
Taking care of a pet dog involves grooming which is as important as providing nutritious food and vaccination to it. Grooming can be done at home or the pet may be regularly brought to a grooming shop, for a fee. If you are a dog owner who prefers to groom your own pet, various grooming supplies can be purchased at local pet supply stores or supermarkets. If you are the meticulous type, you can always make your own homemade dog shampoo with all natural ingredients to make sure that your dog gets the best pampering from a product you lovingly made.

Most often, dogs acquire some irritating skin problems from commercial pet shampoos that contain synthetic substances and other harmful chemicals. Continuous use of these products can lead to hair shedding due to their harsh ingredient content. If dog owners can make their own homemade dog shampoo, there is guarantee that their pets are safer from products that can only cause skin ailments. Although the process is quite time consuming, nothing beats the assurance that all natural shampoo and conditioner made at home can prevent even the worse canine skin afflictions. Dog owners can choose from a variety of recipes that use ingredients commonly found at home or in supermarkets.

All Natural Shampoo for Regular Bath Time
Ingredients: One cup of apple cider vinegar or the ordinary kitchen white vinegar, one cup antibacterial liquid dish soap, 1/3 cup glycerin and one quart plain water.

Simply mix well all the ingredients in a large container. This homemade dog shampoo can be used every time the dog is given a bath. Be careful to avoid the eyes and ears of the dog, as the mixture can be irritating on these parts. Rinse all residues completely.

Shampoo for Dog Parasites
Ingredients: Two tablespoons each of eucalyptus, white cedar and peppermint oil, 1/4 cup each of white vinegar and citronella oil, and two cups of warm water.

Pour the warm water in a large bowl then add the essential oils. After mixing well, pour in the vinegar and thoroughly stir the mixture. This homemade shampoo is an effective formula to exterminate flea, ticks, and other parasitic insects that plague the dog. Make sure to rinse well.

Shampoo with Oatmeal
The recipe needs 1 cup of coarsely blended oatmeal and 2 cups of hot water. To prepare the mixture, boil water in a saucepan then stir in the oatmeal until a starchy texture is attained. Use an old sock to hold the mixture. During the dog's bath time, rub the sock containing the mixture throughout the dog's body making sure that even hidden parts are completely rubbed. Leave the blended ingredients on the dog's skin for about five minutes then rinse off completely. A homemade conditioner can be applied, if available.

Homemade Dog Conditioners
Just like human hair, dog's hair also needs conditioner after a shampoo treatment to give a healthy shine and soft texture to the fur. Dog owners can use the following recipes for homemade conditioners to complete the grooming process for their dogs.

Natural Conditioner with Rosemary Seeds 
The ingredients needed are two tablespoons of rosemary seeds and two cups of boiling water. After boiling the water, add in the rosemary seeds and let boil for another two minutes. Allow cooling time before straining out the rosemary seeds. This natural conditioner is to be used on the dog after the final rinsing when all residues of the shampoos have been completely removed. Rub the blend then use a towel to dry it. No further rinsing is required.

Egg Conditioner
In a small bowl, add two large egg yolks and two tablespoons of warm water. Use a whisk to blend the ingredients until it becomes a creamy foam. Add the egg whites and repeat the whisking process. This egg conditioner is to be poured over the dog's coat after the final rinse. Leave on the dog's skin for about three minutes before rinsing well with warm water.

A dog's bath time must be a pleasant bonding experience for the human master and his pet. With the simple and economical recipes for homemade dog shampoo and conditioner, dog owners have the assurance that no harmful ingredients get in contact with the dog skin thus greatly reducing the occurrence of skin problems.

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